Christoval Spiritual Retreat

Christoval Spiritual Retreat

A walk with Christ to restore, transform, grow and share.

Mission Statement


Mission Statement

The mission of Christoval Spiritual Retreat is to restore, transform, grow and forever ignite the internal flame that Jesus Christ has instilled in all of us. We have created an environment where you have distanced yourself from the way of the world and have united yourself to the true way of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. “God above all things”!


Core Values

Christ is Core: When Jesus Christ is the core of your life, everything and every decision is based on your faith. Servant: We are here to serve one another and do it unconditionally no matter how big or small. Family Oriented: Christ Works through each member of the family so that each can share with the world the gifts that have been given by God. Families build communities share values to generationally preserve the good word of God. Discipleship: Building a purposeful intimate relationship with God so we can be disciples to others. Retreat Environment: Build an environment where Gods work is visible and clear. A safe haven where you are connected with the holy spirit and be open to speak, share, restore, transform and grow. Gifts & Purpose: We have all been given gifts to share with the world so connect with the holy spirit and share your gifts. You are here for a definite purpose to do one mission for Jesus Christ. Find it, embrace it and share it!

Our Board Members


Joe Ochoa Jr


Second Board Member

Third Board Member

Our progress


The property is located at Christoval Texas X miles from and will serve all the area as a .... We currently have a building on the property. We will start adding ....and plan to start having retreats by...

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